Welcome to Honoring Women

Welcome!   This is a place of inclusion and empowerment. My goal when I started this work was to empower women in whatever way I could to help them lead the life they wanted. What a better way to start that than at the birth of their family? As time went on, and I found the emotional significance of the pregnancy and birth, I realize how it impacted not only the birth experience but the entire lives of the new parents. Because of this, I searched to meet the needs of those families.

I teach childbirth classes, in an outreach setting for nonprofits around Palm Beach County, I also teach private classes from general childbirth classes to Hypnobirthing.  I have helped countless moms breastfeed, write birth plans, and welcomed many babies into this world. I help moms sleep at night with overnight doula baby care, and during the day with postpartum doula work. I also offer virtual help to all the little questions parents seem to have and need answers from a trusted source. I have experience in twins, triplets, VBAC, teen moms, hard won pregnancies, preemies, high risk pregnancy, same sex couples, single mothers and much more!

You can be assured that if you live in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach to Boca Raton, and all the way out to Wellington that we can find someone who will be a match for you. We cover from Port St. Lucie all the way to Miami, Florida. We have doulas all over even! Virginia, California, Tampa, Clearwater, Honolulu, Hawaii and we keep traveling!  We train our own doulas and require them all to have great integrity in the services we provide.

Once I realized I could not do it alone, I decided to take instructor trainings. Now, I offer CAPPA Labor Doula trainings as well as CAPPA Childbirth Educator trainings.  I continue my own training so that I can continue bringing the most accurate evidence based information to the woman who trust me with guiding them to the path they determine.

Whatever reason you have come here today, I hope you are able to find a path to the answers you seek. Whether you are a newly pregnant parent who is ready to learn but not sure where to start, or another human being who is wanting to help nurture and empower others through the process. I am here to help you in the best way that I can with great integrity, positive intention and acceptance for where you are in your process and hope to guide you to your goals. May we help each other fulfill our current purpose.