HypnoBirthing Classes: The Mongan Method

This series of classes teaches relaxation techniques to release the fear that causes tension and pain and to enhance the release of the body’s own natural pain killers. This method uses visualizations, and fear release techniques. In addition the instructor will discuss when to come to the hospital, and briefly cover medical and medication options and interventions. HypnoBirthing is compatible with all medical and nursing procedures.

Benefits are derived from taking this class at any point in your pregnancy, though most women find taking this class in the 7th month allows added time for practice at home. The earlier you take the class the more time you have to work with its methods and reduce fears. Come learn how to bring your baby into the world in a peaceful way!

Personal home classes are available.


What our Moms Say

  • Ruth is a great doula and childbirth teacher. We found her seven years ago when I was pregnant with my first child and did a fantastic hypnobirthing class with her. We have used her services for hypnobirthing refresher classes for my other two pregnancies. What makes Ruth truly unique is that she is available to assist you in so many ways. My second pregnancy was stalled in early labor limbo and she suggested I see a wonderful chiropractor. Baby girl #2 was born peacefully the next day. She is a great resource and a great teacher.

    Meagan Bell
  • Meeting Ruth was life changing. She was my Hypnobirthing coach, doula, and photographer. She empowered and educated me. Because of her, I had the most beautiful, perfect, gentle home water birth with the photos to remember it. I will be eternally grateful to her and love her dearly. Having Ruth as my support was the best decision I could have made.

    Chrissie Suttman
    Hypnobirthing Coach, Doula, and photographer
  • My husband and I recently took a birthing class instructed by Ruth Kraft. Because of the class, we feel much more aware of all of our birthing options. We also really enjoyed the experience. It is obvious that Ruth is very educated in birthing; she continuely reads up on birthing information, and attends conferences and lectures. She is very passionate about pregnancy and birth in general. We are very thankful to have met her and to have her involved in our first experience with pregnancy

    Lindsay Cartes
    Childbirth class
  • I think that Ruth is one of the best-educated and devoted resources for expectant mothers and new moms. She brings to her clients a high-level of expertise, knowledge, and practical guidance. I recommend her services without any reservations

    Childbirth Classes
  • I dragged my husband to this class and he was so glad I did….it was wonderful!!!!! A class everyone needs to attend. Ruth is so imformative! I wish I took this class earlier because I learned so much about how important it is to have the birth you want! Good timing for everything…all questions were answered and we left there learning soooo much!!!! Thanks for a wonderful class and now we are more excited about our new baby

    Childbirth classes