Professional Photography

As a professional photographer I have photographed many pregnancies, births, babies and new families. I have a very journalistic type style which you can see in the gallery section. I currently am only doing birth and natural on location sessions. examples; beach, parks, families, your own home etc. I Give a CD of all decent images. Please contact me for pricing.


What our Moms Say

  • Women Honoring Women’s owner, Ruth Kraft, is the first person I point expectant moms to when they begin to explore their options for childbirth. She has a deep knowledge of the various childbirth choices available today and is just as capable discussing hypnobirthing and natural birth methods as she is outlining the options available for medication based pain management in labor. With a deep respect for women, and their right to make an informed choice when it comes to how and where they labor, Ruth brings a wealth of experience to her role as childbirth educator, doula and lactation consultant. After many years of birth experience she still sees the wonder of each birth and can capture those moments beautifully through her gift for photography. If you are just wanting to explore your options, take classes or are ready to hire a doula then Ruth is a wonderful choice to support you during the exciting days ahead as you prepare for the birth of your child.

    Melody Dove
  • First of all, having a Doula at your birth is an amazing thing, in other words, it’s kind of a must! Doula Ruth Kraft is by far the best Doula I have come across in both my personal and professional opinion, being an OB nurse :-). She is so wonderful with clients and is such an empowering woman no matter what your birthing preferences are. It was so awesome having her by my side at my recent delivery and our birth pictures are absolutely breathtaking! She has also been instrumental in our breastfeeding success. I personally have had many breastfeeding issues along the way and she always gave the help and encouragement I needed. She is absolutely the best in my book 😉

    Lauren Gregg
    Labor Doula, Photography, Breastfeeding
  • Meeting Ruth was life changing. She was my Hypnobirthing coach, doula, and photographer. She empowered and educated me. Because of her, I had the most beautiful, perfect, gentle home water birth with the photos to remember it. I will be eternally grateful to her and love her dearly. Having Ruth as my support was the best decision I could have made.

    Chrissie Suttman
    Hypnobirthing Coach, Doula, and photographer
  • Hi Ruth !! we’ve got the CD yesterday !! Thank you so much again, the pics are fantastic.
    You did such a wonderful job, can’t thank you enough !!

    Pregnancy Photography by Women Honoring Women
    The Tourlet Family
  • The decision to hire a doula to attend our daughter’s birth was one of the best choices we made in our journey to parenthood. From the moment I looked pregnant, people began to discuss – in great detail – the trauma of their birth experiences. And while this information was not empowering on its own, it helped cement our resolve to enjoy our birth experience with the help of an experienced birth “mentor.”
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    Karen Angstadt
    Labor Doula, Photography, Breastfeeding
  • Ruth, There are no words to express how much my pregnancy photos mean to me. I have a beautiful set hanging in my bedroom and they are a reminder of a wonderful, happy time that is over all too quickly. They are among my very few “evacuation items”