The decision to hire a doula to attend our daughter’s birth was one of the best choices we made in our journey to parenthood. From the moment I looked pregnant, people began to discuss – in great detail – the trauma of their birth experiences. And while this information was not empowering on its own, it helped cement our resolve to enjoy our birth experience with the help of an experienced birth “mentor.”

Ruth was everything we needed – professional, yet easy-going; knowledgeable, yet open-minded. She really listened to what we wanted and guided us to non-biased information so we could make decisions that were right for us. As my “birth mentor,” Ruth identified for us, each stage of labor as it unfolded, keeping us energetic and positive, and guided me to more comfortable positions as the rushes became more urgent. The womanly support I received from Ruth also helped my husband feel more confident in the loving support he provided.

As a photographer, she captured moments during my labor that make me smile at the powerful woman I was that day. Nothing could replace the photos of our daughter’s beautiful wide eyes as she absorbed her first minutes with us: being held, nursed, and eventually bathed and measured. Our treasured memories were photographed – and I didn’t even realize Ruth had taken most of the pictures until she delivered them.

Our nursing relationship was successful due, in large part, to Ruth’s unwavering support. She was available for questions by phone and even made several visits to help with latch problems early on. I am so grateful she was willing to match my commitment to breastfeeding with her experience and help.

When I initially saw Ruth’s brochure about Doula Services in my doctor’s office, I had no idea what a doula was. I am so glad I took the time to find out; and I am equally glad Ruth was the one to explain. I can’t imagine having a better experience, in terms of birth support. Hiring Ruth as our doula was the key decision we made for the best birth experience possible. I can’t say enough about how pleased we are with the support Ruth provided.