Ruth did not have the opportunity to attend my daughter Isabela’s birth, because she was born out-of-state during the active 2004 hurricane season. However, Ruth did provide postpartum care and services for up to 18 months after Isabela’s birth. Ruth provided reassurance, answered questions, and most importantly, helped me through the times I doubted my mothering abilities. Her assistance was truly invaluable to me and to Isabela. She truly understands the emotional mind and physiological needs of children in their newborn and toddler stages.

I now live in central Florida. While I was on the phone with Ruth the other day, my daughter Isabela heard Ruth’s voice on the speakerphone. Her little two year-old face lit up with a smile, and she began to chatter into the phone, telling Ruth about all of her toys. To see Isabela’s happiness and social interaction with Ruth affirmed for me how many gifts our family received from Ruth’s time with us. She is a treasure chest of positive emotions and information about how to approach pregnancy and childrearing in the best possible way for your family.