Hi Ruth, We had our baby !!!
My husband I made sure you were on our list of people to Thank after baby
was here.I personally would like to Thank-you for your way of teaching, sweet heart
and advice & enlightment for new mothers to be.Now that Baby is here I found your breast feeding session to be most
beneficial to me.  My husband enjoyed the session for the fathers to be.  It
mad him feel More a part of the whole experience.

In the hospital I also remembered that the doctors were there for me and
that it was my experience, my delivery and my baby.  It was my call.
Baby was born 1:33pm 9/11 by c-section.  Little thing  6lbs 9 ounces and 19
inches.  Jesús David Cartagena, Jr. The most extreme part of it all was the moment of truse.  When they told me
they saw his head and when they were saying, “Here he comes, Here he comes”,
Then I saw him.  WOW!!!

And he was born!!

With Love,  Baby David, Mommy Mae and Daddy David Sr.