Date(s) - 01/10/2021
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm


This is a Live virtual training that can be attended from anywhere using Wifi and Zoom on your computer, phone or tablet.


This class is open to anyone who wants to take it. It is geared towards new parents who are considering pumping and want to know where to start.

Each class in the series covers different parts of breastfeeding and pumping to answer common questions and concerns parents have. You will have the option to join a parent group on facebook as well for follow up questions and creating connection. The class is based in the USA.

Class 7 Accessories for pumping and breastfeeding

Understand the options of accessories to make your experience easier and manageable.

In this class we will cover

  1. Nursing bras
  2. Breast pads
  3. Milk savers
  4. Nipple shields
  5. Help for flat nipples
  6. Soothing tools
  7. Compresses
  8. Creams
  9. Pump accessories
  10. Breastfeeding accessories
  11. Helpful hints
  12. Organizing
  13. Cleaning options
  14. Storage options
  15. Power outages
  16. And more !




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