Breast and Beyond : Expression, storage and supplementation

This advanced class is a great addition to anyone who has some basic breastfeeding training. With pumping and the need to supplement babies more and more frequently is a sign of the times. This training will help you work through the myths, give the most up to date information and helpful hints, tips and hacks that I have used and learned to help new parents understand how to best meet the feeding goals they have for their new babies. Short term and long term pumping and how it works is essential information when working with new parents.

We will cover the following topics and many more :

  • Why pumping is an option
  • What kind of expression is the best choice for different situations
  • Different types of breast pumps
  • How to pump
  • What issues may arise and what to do about them
  • Traveling with breastmilk
  • Storage options
  • Special circumstance
  • Tools and tips
  • And many more.

Come and learn with us about the history, understanding our culture and societal implications for new parents,
how to be an effective counselor and help parents navigate this challenging time while helping them to find what
feeding option is best for them. Come and learn, ask questions and be more prepared !
All the while having fun doing it!

This class is open to anyone who wants to take it. It is recommended you have basic breastfeeding knowledge at least.
The breastfeeding for professionals comprehensive course is recommended before you take this course but not required.
Parents are welcome to take the course as well, just know it is geared more towards professionals . You will still learn a LOT !

You will receive CEU contact hours from Women Honoring Women LLC