Do you have a passion for breastfeeding? Have you always been amazed at our body and the strength of women and what we can do? Do you find yourself wanting to help people be more successful at breastfeeding their baby? Do you remember the struggle of bringing that little baby home and wondering “what now?” This is your chance to learn how to enhance your current skill set or start something new so you can help guide and counsel families to find what strategies will work for them .  Come to this training and learn how to turn your passion for this transformative part of life, into a career that can change not only your world but all the women you serve in such a positive way!

This 20 hour workshop will give you the basic tools you need to work in this wonderful profession.

We will cover :

  • Ethics and scope of practice for the birth professional
  • Effective latch and position
  • Common challenges
  • Pumping and storing milk
  • Anatomy of the breast
  • Benefits of breastmilk for mom
  • Benefits of breastmilk for baby
  • Benefits of breastmilk for the world
  • Dangers of formula and its marketing
  • How to effectively counsel families
  • Medications and how it affects breastfeeding
  • Informed consent
  • Going back to work
  • And much more! Come and join us in this interactive breastfeeding training! We always have a lot of fun and learn at the same time!

Included in the cost are CEU’s, a certificate at the end of training, and notebook of materials.