Have you ever felt alone in life?
Have you wondered as a parent how you were going to get through becoming a parent?
Did you have a doula in your experience that was able to help you through some hard times?
Did you want one but were unable to afford one?
Are you someone who has always wanted to be one, but money got in the way?
Did you have breastfeeding challenges and gave up early because you didn’t have good support?
Or did you have good support and know that is how you were able to continue when things weren’t going well?

We need more birth workers. We need more people supporting parents and families who are well trained. We need to reduce health disparities. We need to help new parents in a much more efficient way than we have done in the past. We also need to support those professionals so they also, can then learn and grow along side their clients.

This is what I do. I am a change maker. I am a problem solver.
We have a problem. We have one of the worst health disparities and lose more moms and babies every year than most industrialized countries. It must change.
We can make a difference. Training more professionals of all races and nationalities to help support new parents on this journey is a ground level, grass roots very big way to help change the experiences of new parents and helping them heal, have less traumatic births and empower parents to be the best they can be with great well-trained support.
I train birth professionals. I train Labor and postpartum doulas. I train Evidence based childbirth educators, breastfeeding counselors/professionals, New family professionals and even more advanced courses.
Your donation here allows for birth workers to be trained that will then go out and make a difference in this world and support new families. You can donate at random, any amount you choose. Or you can donate to a scholarship for a specific person. Whatever you prefer. Thank you for helping change the world.
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