Some of the most rewarding parts of being a doula, a childbirth educator, and a photographer are the friendships built along the way.  This is further reiterated when these friends of mine express their gratitude to me through their testimonials.  Here, I will share with you some of the lovely words that I have received after providing my services to the friends that I have made.

Ruth Kraft Services for Parents
Shannon M.

Ruth is so much more than a Doula. When you work with her, you are getting an internationally-recognized labor and birth trainer, a world-class lactation specialist and the developer of her own birth support program. She is just so capable of wearing so many hats. I completed hypnobirthing under her guidance, I found a friend in…

Melody Dove

Women Honoring Women’s owner, Ruth Kraft, is the first person I point expectant moms to when they begin to explore their options for childbirth. She has a deep knowledge of the various childbirth choices available today and is just as capable discussing hypnobirthing and natural birth methods as she is outlining the options available for medication based pain management in labor. With a deep respect for women, and their right to make an informed choice when it comes to how and where they labor, Ruth brings a wealth of experience to her role as childbirth educator, doula and lactation consultant. After many years of birth experience she still sees the wonder of each birth and can capture those moments beautifully through her gift for photography. If you are just wanting to explore your options, take classes or are ready to hire a doula then Ruth is a wonderful choice to support you during the exciting days ahead as you prepare for the birth of your child.

Ruth Kraft, Doula, Women Honoring Women, South Florida
Margie Forrest

I recommend an educated Doula to all of the expectant couples I teach. Your Doula will educate you ahead of time, assist you though your labor, and introduce you to your new baby. Ruth Kraft is the one you want! Margie Forrest, RN, BSN, IBCLC, RLC

Krista Barth
Doula, Breastfeeding

Meeting Ruth 13 years ago was such a blessing. She is talented, knowledgeable and caring. She was there for the birth of my healthy 12 yr old and thank heaven there for the traumatic premature birth of my now healthy 5 year old. She believed in me and made breastfeeding my preemie possible when everyone said it couldn’t be done. She is a true example of how women can empower one another and is the first to pick up someone when they are down. I am lucky to call her my friend all these years later and am forever grateful.

Meagan Bell

Ruth is a great doula and childbirth teacher. We found her seven years ago when I was pregnant with my first child and did a fantastic hypnobirthing class with her. We have used her services for hypnobirthing refresher classes for my other two pregnancies. What makes Ruth truly unique is that she is available to assist you in so many ways. My second pregnancy was stalled in early labor limbo and she suggested I see a wonderful chiropractor. Baby girl #2 was born peacefully the next day. She is a great resource and a great teacher.

Ja’nice Long

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Ruth her her being there at my delivery. She knew my birth plan and what I wanted and helped me stick to it and have a natural labor and delivery. Baby boy was 3wks early and she rearranged her plans so she could be there for his early birth. She also took some pressure off my husband by allowing him to attend to our toddler and not feel like he had to focus on me the entire time. We are planning at least one more child and would hire her again.

Lauren Gregg
Labor Doula, Photography, Breastfeeding

First of all, having a Doula at your birth is an amazing thing, in other words, it’s kind of a must! Doula Ruth Kraft is by far the best Doula I have come across in both my personal and professional opinion, being an OB nurse :-). She is so wonderful with clients and is such an empowering woman no matter what your birthing preferences are. It was so awesome having her by my side at my recent delivery and our birth pictures are absolutely breathtaking! She has also been instrumental in our breastfeeding success. I personally have had many breastfeeding issues along the way and she always gave the help and encouragement I needed. She is absolutely the best in my book 😉

Holy Cavallo

There are so many amazing things to say about Ruth I don’t know where to start. Not only did she train me to be a doula but I had the pleasure of having her as my doula for the birth of my daughter. She is calming, confident and educated. She knew just how to support me during my birth and continues to mentor me as I grow my business as a doula. Thank you Ruth for all you’ve done for me and all you do for women in our community. I love you!

Chrissie Suttman
Hypnobirthing Coach, Doula, and photographer

Meeting Ruth was life changing. She was my Hypnobirthing coach, doula, and photographer. She empowered and educated me. Because of her, I had the most beautiful, perfect, gentle home water birth with the photos to remember it. I will be eternally grateful to her and love her dearly. Having Ruth as my support was the best decision I could have made.

Jennifer Losch
Birth and Postpartum Doula

There are really no words to describe how much doula Ruth helped my family with the birth and after care of our premature twins. The amount of knowledge, support and empathy she brings to the table is unmeasurable. So if you are considering her for any of the many services she offers rest assured it will be the best decision you ever made.

Breastfeeding consults Women Honoring Women South Florida
Mae, David Sr, and David

Now that Baby is here I found your breast feeding session to be most 
beneficial to me.  My husband enjoyed the session for the fathers to be.  It 
mad him feel More a part of the whole experience.
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Pregnancy Photography by Women Honoring Women
The Tourlet Family

Hi Ruth !! we’ve got the CD yesterday !! Thank you so much again, the pics are fantastic.
You did such a wonderful job, can’t thank you enough !!

Breastfeeding consults Women Honoring Women South Florida

Ruth, What can I say, I learned SO much last night!
I now see breastfeeding as an absolute miracle. I can only imagine that natural childbirth is too. 
Thanks again for everything! 
We learned so much! 

Lindsay Cartes
Childbirth class

My husband and I recently took a birthing class instructed by Ruth Kraft. Because of the class, we feel much more aware of all of our birthing options. We also really enjoyed the experience. It is obvious that Ruth is very educated in birthing; she continuely reads up on birthing information, and attends conferences and lectures. She is very passionate about pregnancy and birth in general. We are very thankful to have met her and to have her involved in our first experience with pregnancy

Childbirth Classes

I think that Ruth is one of the best-educated and devoted resources for expectant mothers and new moms. She brings to her clients a high-level of expertise, knowledge, and practical guidance. I recommend her services without any reservations

Childbirth classes

I dragged my husband to this class and he was so glad I did….it was wonderful!!!!! A class everyone needs to attend. Ruth is so imformative! I wish I took this class earlier because I learned so much about how important it is to have the birth you want! Good timing for everything…all questions were answered and we left there learning soooo much!!!! Thanks for a wonderful class and now we are more excited about our new baby

Labor Doula

Hey Ruth,
We are so glad to finally be home! Baby is doing great and one of the labor nurses (Jackie) asked for your contact info. She told all the nurses on the floor how great you were and wanted to recommend you to a friend of hers who needs a Doula soon.
Talk to you soon!

Postpartum care

Ruth did not have the opportunity to attend my daughter Isabela’s birth, because she was born out-of-state during the active 2004 hurricane season. However, Ruth did provide postpartum care and services for up to 18 months after Isabela’s birth. Ruth provided reassurance, answered questions, and most importantly, helped me through the times I doubted my mothering abilities. Her assistance was truly invaluable to me and to Isabela. She truly understands the emotional mind and physiological needs of children in their newborn and toddler stages.

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Karen Angstadt
Labor Doula, Photography, Breastfeeding

The decision to hire a doula to attend our daughter’s birth was one of the best choices we made in our journey to parenthood. From the moment I looked pregnant, people began to discuss – in great detail – the trauma of their birth experiences. And while this information was not empowering on its own, it helped cement our resolve to enjoy our birth experience with the help of an experienced birth “mentor.”

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Ruth, There are no words to express how much my pregnancy photos mean to me. I have a beautiful set hanging in my bedroom and they are a reminder of a wonderful, happy time that is over all too quickly. They are among my very few “evacuation items”